Diagnostic nasal endoscopy II pass


Dr. T. Balasubramanian M.S. D.L.O.

Synonyms: DNE II pass, Diagnostic nasal endoscopy

Second pass: After the first pass is over, the scope is gently withdrawn out and slide medial to the middle turbinate.  The relation ship between the middle turbinate and nasal septum is studied.  This relationship is classified as TS1, TS2, and TS3.  It depends on whether, after application of decongestant both the medial and lateral surfaces of the middle turbinate is visible  (TS1), part of the middle turbinate is obscured by septal deviation (TS2), or the septal deviation is completely obscures the middle turbinate (TS3).  The scope is gently slipped medial to the middle turbinate.  The sphenoid ostium comes into view.  Secretions if any from the ostium is noted.


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